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The Forest
The beginning


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walter's gold


In 1990 a young lady told me to Wright a book about my  theories about the forest and the historical sites of this amassing paradise I live in.

The paradise I live in is  Bamfield on the west coast of   Vancouver island.

It is the head of the west coast trail and is the location of the Bamfield Marine Science Center.

In 1995  the Gov.  set up a  computer access program with free web building tools in my towns local school. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn the computer  skills I needed to make a web site, then I could right the book  and put it on the internet and have the readers read it and criticize it as I right it.

The subject for my book is of course my theories about the historical sites of this amassing place  and the forest.

Think of this as the ultimate book format with Pictures  and Videos.

Just follow the links and if you are not computer savvy just press the underline sentences, it will take you to a new page.

Hit F11 on the key board and the page will be full screen.

When you finish the new page hit the
X and close it, you will be brought back to to this  page.  
To view pictures click on the pictures IN THE BOOK, OR GO STREIGHT TO MY ON LINE MUESUM

WILLY.JPG (303593 bytes)

This is old Wily, he was  the speaker for the hereditary chief of  the ohait band,  he was also an environments.
I became friends with him and took him to the solstice  cave's. 
I  have him in the solstice caves on the solstices  on video as he speaks about the caves.
I have filmed him  at the pools on the slopes of the mountain facing bamfield.
He said he could find the Spanish mine using the direction of the sun and knowing were the pools are. Sadly he passed away before we looked for the mines.
If he had told me the mines were south from the pools I would have found them before they were found and   blown Up.
As it turns out , the spring/mine is due south of these pools.

The water enters   a Quartz  crystal vein and flows under a hill  It then  comes out the top of a 100 foot hi granite  knoll behind pachena light house.

gm5.jpg.JPG (135531 bytes)

Summer Solstice
Thousands of years ago someone created the solstice cave's.

WALTSF.JPG (38213 bytes)

Slumach's Gold
Its actually Walter hegstooms   father's gold.  Follow the link to Waltz story about  the lost creek mine

deer.jpg (294754 bytes)

Forest Facts

This is my view  about the ecology of the forest's.

11goldbeach.jpg.jpg (266507 bytes)

The Lost Mines
Millions of years ago nature created a Crystlespring. not just a spring, but a lost gold mine.
MENF.JPG (6030 bytes)

Short stories
In 1995 I decided to Wright a book so I did it as a web page. Its  short stories about the history surrounding what I found The book is ongoing ,  because history is never ending.

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This page is made up of legends from around the world That I feel connect to the mountain, its resources  and Barkly  sound.