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Viking ships

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When we think of Viking ships, we think of large narrow rowboats with a square sail. What most people don’t know is that these ship designs is the oldest, ship design, known to man.

The people of Atlantis built the first ships, and the Vikings of a thousand years ago, built the last ones.
There were Roman , Greek ships, Phoenician ships and Viking ships.
These ships all had things in common they all came from old growth forests,  they were long, narrow row boats  with a square sail.  These were the ship of choice for over 10,000 years, till only 1000 years ago , when they  Mysteriously stopped making them. 

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  Indian Dug outs
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Their were two cultures making long narrow sailing row boats capable of ocean voyages.
The Indian dug out was the ship of choice for  the people on the west coast of north of America and they still build them today.

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    My theoriedugout.jpg (6126 bytes)
clipboarded.jpg (9314 bytes)For over 10 years I have disagreed with how scientists claim these ships were built.  
They claim all these ships were made form either boards or straw. I say many were dug outs.
The problem with the scientific view on theories like mine, is when a discovery is found ,like the osburg ship. It becomes a fact "that all ancient rowing vessels were built the same way as the Osburg ship, from boards."

vinmap1.jpg (1657 bytes)The Vinland theory  has the same problem. When less anx meadows was found It was immediately called Vinland and the search for more Viking sites ended.
For more on Vinland see my vinland page

Thor Hiaridals ,sailed  across the ocean in a reed boat to prove , even in the most delicate boat ,one could  sail across the sea . boathead9f.jpg (37224 bytes)
Their have been Viking, Egyptian and roman ships found that were made from boards, but he   oldest Viking ship ever found was a dug out. 

Of all the Viking ships found, no ship has been found with a dragon head for the bow. The osburg ship has a carving of one on its delicately carved keel but thats it.

fishing.jpg (33001 bytes)As far as seaworthy, their fine, they float, but they have little   infrastructure holding them together, something very important  during a strong storm. 
I have been in a 36 foot fish boat in a big storm and these ships take a beating. The 55 mile per hour winds created huge breaking waves that slammed into the side of our 36 foot boat while we sat on anchor during the darkness of night. They have an extensive infrastructure and a deck these waves crash right over the boat.  If you don't have a cover your viking ship may sink. If you  made a dugout you could make long shakes for a roof. 
I  don't know how safe I would feel in a boarded viking ship made with Viking technology and no deck during that storm. I feel that   the ancient ship builders did as the Indians did. When the people of the past looked at tree standing in the old growth forest,  they saw the ship in the tree and planed the ship as a dug out not a boarded ship.

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The Romans were in their glory clear cutting the giants in their old growthbookship.jpg (96185 bytes) forest. Trees the same size and shape as the boats they built. The boats were black inside , as though they had been burnt out. They destroyed their old growth forests during their  navel battles, which were more like games.

I realize that most people will already not believe me because they already know how these ships were built .  But if you continue, I will try my best to prove, that things are not always as the appear to be.

g.gran3.gif (44133 bytes)To give you an example of how big they could make a dug out ship, this log "The Sargent General" is a whopping 40 feet in diameter. That's a 40 foot wide roman ship, stronger than any other ship in these naves. The strength depends on how thick you make your sides and hull. A ship this size could have 12"  thick walls and a 2 foot thick hull.

This is a model roman ship done to scale. It would be 104 feet long and 14 feet wide, it would take 70 men to row. With the solid ramming rod it could sink any boarded vessel ever made, It would be able to take the fiercest storms.
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This dug out is 42 feet long ,its sides are 1.5 inches thick and it weighs 1200 lbs. I watched them build it.

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Eygption Blue Prints
egypt3.jpg (148956 bytes)The best way to find out how these boats were made would of course be, their blue prints.  It just happens their are some.
They come from a pyramid wall  in Egypt. Their carved in stone, so its safe to say, their authentic.  The scientific community says they were made with straw, and Thor hariadal sailed to America to prove ancient mariners were world travelers. No matter what their ship was made from.
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3,000 years ago the Egyptians logged the forests of the Mediterranean for trees to build their boats, they built them so strong they could transport huge blocks of stone for the pyramids. They had river boats , barges, and ocean going ships. The problem is we think they made them from straw. The pictures below are from a temple in Egypt ,it explains how they built the ships and how they loaded the blocks of stone on the ship. Click on the picture for a larger version, you will see they are making a dugout using adzes and chisels. My guess is they were making a barge with a flat bow and stern. If you look at the men below the mast you can see their is three ropes then look at the top of the mast and you see there is 9 ropes going to the stone. They used block and tackle to lode the barge
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I feel to really appreciate this ancient ships, we should know the forest.
  For those who want to hear my theory on the forest. This link will take you to my forest facts web page

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On to Egyptian blue print's.

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