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wpe1.gif (37202 bytes)With an estimated value of 23 million dollars the Vinland Map is one of the most controversial maps in the world. Half the scientists say Vinland exists because its Newfoundland ,the other half says it doesn't exist because its not Newfoundland. My only comment is that Vinland is exactly where it is and you wont find it anywhere else in the world. By using this map and Lief Eriksons directions we should be able to find Vinland .
We know the world is round so in order to draw north America we must flip the map over , Reversing Vinland. Liefs first encounter was when he set sail to Greenland a place he had not visited he was blown of course during a north wind when he came wpe2.gif (30240 bytes)upon an island [A] , then he sailed north till he hit a wooded land,[B] he continued even further north he found a large ice capped Island.[C] From here he sailed east to Greenland ,Where his father was waiting[D] he later made plans to return. Lief's directions are simple ,he states that        '' They left the southern part of Greenland,[D] and sailed in a northerly direction till they hit a large island[E]They then  went up and looked about in fine weather. Then they sailed through the sound which lay between that island and the cape which projects northward [F], Then they sailed west ward around the cape [G] to helland  on the 62nd parallel .[H] From there they sailed south east to Markland  [I] on the 58 parallel. An Island lay to the south [J] From there they sailed southeast to Vinland[K].

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  An island on the 49th parallel ,where they found  mitch18f.jpg (44566 bytes)
  trees as big as houses ,salmon larger then any thing they had ever seen. On this island a berry droops of a vein and makes the best wine. A place so mild ,no snow covers the ground during the winter and it's a 3 month voyage from Greenland .

These stories can be found from India through Europe to Greenland,
but the most amazing one is the one on a boulder in Spokane Washington [H]. In 1926 the story was deciphered by Professor Oluf Opajon, a Scandinavian scientist. He says that 6 Vikings survived a ferocious attack, after the attack they returned to bury the dead .Left alone in Vinland, they had to find their own way home. It is written that they saw carved images of Thor, Odin and Freya during their swim.

PE03900_.WMF (40206 bytes)The Vikings where incredible river travelers. They would know that if they where stranded on the west coast of N.A. their only way to get home would be to travel the largest river system inland, connect with the opposite system. They would probably mark their path where they crossed overland by righting in stone, so that  other survivors would know where to cross.

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wpe3.gif (19534 bytes)My theory is that they left Vinland [K]  and headed to the biggest river the Columbia river [L], they paddled small canoe's up to Spokane where they wrote their story on a bolder[M], from here they headed overland to the Bow river[N],   from the bow they would portage to the great lakes,  this was where the Kensington stone was found[O].Through the great lakes[P] then    north to  Newfoundland.[Q]Where they awaited rescue from Greenland ,which was inevitable. How could the Vikings see giant trees in Newfoundland,a place they do not grow.wpe4.gif (19114 bytes) 
That's just my theory