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mefalling.jpg (41791 bytes)I am creating this page to share my views on the forest.
I have spent my  life as a prospector a Recreational logger a  hunter and a fishermen. Every thing I know, I learned from the forest not from a book. The forest is a very controversial subject, but I am going to try tackle it and make sense of  it.

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protesters1.jpg (16544 bytes)The two reasons why people fight over the forest are, the environment and economic benefits.

I'm going to first start with the environment.

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417stump.jpg (334109 bytes)10,000 years ago the land was swept  clean by  the ice age the northern parts of North America and Eurasia was covered in ice. On the ocean and to the south there would have been small pockets of forest. 

blankettrees.jpg (56007 bytes)When the ice melted the forest slowly grew and spread northward eventually covering the continents with a thick blanket of green.globe.gif (1715 bytes) 2000 years ago both super continents had this thick lawyer of old growth forests that towered to a height of over 300 feet tall.

generalsphoto.jpg (41373 bytes)g.gran2.gif (192511 bytes)Because this thick living blanket has moisture in it, it keeps the earth at a fairly constant temperature. Today we still have some of these enormous trees left in N.A. But all the European old growth forests where clear-cut 1000 years ago,The General Grant is the largest tree in the world measuring 40.6 feet in diameter and 265 feet tall. Their is an enormous amount of moisture in a tree of this size and its the moisture in it that keeps the world warm. This tree sprouted deep under a forest canopy before Christ was born and survived the fall of the Roman empire, lived through both world wars and still stands today .It maybe the last giant to fall from man's greed. smalltree.JPG (41435 bytes)

Around the time of Christ the forests began to be clear-cut for the Roman Empire. Over the next 1000 years the rest of the forests of Europe fell .viking2ship.jpg (5545 bytes) Its almost like the rise of these empires was built on the logging of the forests and fall of the empire, followed the loss of the forest.
The Viking Empire of 1000 ad was the last great seafaring people of that era to clear cut the old growth forest.

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There is a interesting phenomenon that paralleled this great depletion of the European forests.

Presentation1.jpg (4843 bytes)By 800 ad Europe entered a unusual warming trend they called it the climate optimum which lasted till around 1400 ad when the north began to freeze up. Presentation1.jpg (4843 bytes)This would have opened up the North waters making it possible for  the Vikings  to navigate around Greenland and even the Northwest Passage.

I wonder what will happen if we melt the glaciers.

Economic Benefits

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As I have said, the 2 reasons people fight over the forest are, the environment, and economic benefit. For the last 2000 years we have been clear cutting the forests to build our cities and kingdom's we rely heavily on wood, good quality wood. Some wood is worth as much as 10 dollars per board foot to as little as 20 cents a foot and the value of the wood is determined by the species and growth.


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A very good quality wood will have no knots and tight grain; this will give it strength and durability. When building, its very important to have good quality of wood.



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A very poor quality of wood will have course grain and lots of knots. This wood cannot be used in flouring, structural beams or boards, plywood boat wood and definitely not musical instruments. It is also subject to rot because there is too much soft wood between the hard rings.

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In expo 86 while riding the sky train we passed new condos being built with particleboard and second growth lumber. I said to my brother those condos will fall apart in 10 years.  Sure enough, 10 years later they are leaking.


rings2.jpg (33439 bytes)There is many ways of looking at the two types of wood and how they are created.
M.B. has had people trying to find out why trees grow so fast after clear cutting. I think they couldn't figure it out and just took credit for it. They called them genetically engineered trees created by scientists to grow fast. I'm not even A hi school graduate but even I can see how trees grow.
Please read my theory and decide for your self how the wood gets the tight grain. 
But first we will start with  a Quote from forest minister Claude Richmond.

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"clear cutting not only resembles the ice age, but also insect epidemics, wildfires and hurricane's but in each case it will grow back.



My response to him was "if clear cutting is as bad as the worst natural disaster Mother Nature can throw at us why are they still doing it."

His response was"Your concerns are dully noted."The final response was a letter from the Premier Brian Mulroni, "Were sorry The priminister  can not come visit, but your concerns are dully noted".

Economic Benefits  [page 2]

Old Growth vs. Second Growth
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417stump.jpg (334109 bytes)seconggr.jpg (12099 bytes)Once the land is cleared by one of these disasters the seeds are planted on the barren ground they get the max exposure to the sun wind and rain and grow fast with about 1/4 inch rings per year.

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forestseedling.jpg (60596 bytes)Once the canopy is established the seeds fall from the tops of the trees. They land on the flour of the forest and grow under the protection of the canopy, their rings are determined by the canopy. rings2.jpg (34789 bytes)
First the rings are extremely tight till they hit the sunlight, and then they grow their prime growth rings approximately 1mm per ring.


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When the cedar tree gets old over 800 years old, the rings on one side get extremely tight, over 23 rings per cm, that's 23 years to get just one cm of wood on the outside edge of a giant. I call this violin wood the most valuable wood ever. This growth will last till the tree either dies or falls over. This is how north America got the giant trees and its this quality of wood we built our cities on, it's also the wood the Romans built their empires on, we call it old growth.



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"Supertrees" is  it a Myth?
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3mountain_sord.jpg (168315 bytes)To get what M.B. calls super wood all you need to do is clear-cut the forest, then plant the trees on the barren ground they get the max exposure to the elements of nature the sun wind and the rain they grow like weeds.
mountian_blsand.jpg (106743 bytes)I don't see how scientists can take credit for this. The growth is because of the environment not scientists.

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These mono culture trees tend to grow so close together that they cut off the sun light, killing off the under brush and bugs. Not allowing small trees or the forest to survive. Europe has learned , by repeating this event over and over again can cause the extinction of some life, maybe even an e,l,e "extinction level event"
M.B. claims they have created super forest that are pest resistant. 
At least their taking credit for this e,l,e.

dz4.gif (198665 bytes) Its very important that these dead zonesmend11.jpg (18630 bytes) are
selective logged allowing sun to penetrate the forest before the seed bank dies, this is the only way to maintain the  old growth attributes.

We have almost finished
clear-cutting the world's old growth.

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Soon the tight grain wood that we have used since before the time of Christ, will be gone for ever.
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This is what happens when the sun enters the forest.

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This is what happens when no sun enters the forest

Un fortunately all the west coast  forests will be deadzones soon.

bzfranklin.jpg (16177 bytes)Follow this link and see for your self how much old growth is left in the chosen area and compare it with the proposed cut blocks. You can clearly see they target old growth forest and they will take 800000 qubic meters of old growth woodfrom this area this year.

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Selective logging vs. clear cut logging what's the difference?
Basically a clear cut is " the removal of all trees on any given site".
A 1 hector piece of land ,were 100% of all the trees are gone.
Un fortunately, What the large logging companies and the scientific panel? call selective logging
[retention cut] is just patch clear cut logging.

protesters3.jpg (8563 bytes)protesters1.jpg (16544 bytes)If you thought the tree huggers are making it so that your children will never work in the forest Ind. your wrong.
The end results are devastating and now you know why these people were willing to go to jail to save, not the forest, but  the planet from entering a natural disaster of biblical proportionsclipwaves.gif (3113 bytes)Your children are becoming very educated so I challenge you to let your children read my web and then debate the authenticity of my web with your children. And remember its your children your leaving the earth to.

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The mini Ice Age      

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Because I don't have a degree in forestry, I realize I will not be taken seriously, but its a free country so I'm going to give you my theories on this unusual global warming poeriod we call the climate optimum.cliptractor.gif (9399 bytes) As I have said from the year 850 to 1400 we had a globel warming,  we can't blame it on C.F.Cs because there were no cars back then.

So what caused it?

blankettrees.jpg (56007 bytes)If we look at the forest befor they started to clear cut it, about 0 ad. It would look like this,  a thick blanket  of trees covering the ground, these trees have moisture in them, lots of moisture.
It seems to me that if the forest is cleared their is a large amount of moisture and carbon that is released in to the atmosphere, if all the forests of Eurasia is clear cut and the 300 foot canopy is reduced to only 80 feet thick, this is a massive amount of moisture entering the atmosphere. This moisture will cause a rise in temprature depending on how much moisture is released.  We can assume the forests of europ were similer to the old growth froests of N.A. yarder.jpg (16209 bytes)If we clear cutt all of it from the year 0 to the year 1000ad, that would mean we have realesed x amount of carbon in the atsmosphere during that time period, if the we stoped at 1000 ad , it would make sence the warming would stop.   The warming started in 850 ad and ended in 1400 ad.  So the clear cutting of the urop forests was clearly the cause of that climate optimum, what happened next was a mini ice age.
In the year o ad the forests were like a blanket of warmth covering this land mass, If you stop the clear cutting
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what you are left with is about one quarter the biomass you had at the beginning, this would mean the overall temperature would drop This could explain the mini ice age at the end of this climate optimum.

The diagram to the left shows it better then words.

Ask your child what creates the air we breath they will tell you it's the forest. It doesn't take a scientist to realize that if you eliminate the forest by clear cutting it's gone. a good example  would be like removing your child's blanket at knight, he will get cold.
Its clear to me that we removed the blanket of moisture from europ and we created a globel warming, when the blanket was gone we entered a small Ice age.
In the last 100 years we have repeated the prosess on a larger scale. I think its only fair we tell our children what the conciquences will be.
My theorie is  we remove the blanket of moisture from the earth and  we will enter a massive globel warming.  Then when its all gone, which it is almost all gone , We will enter another Ice age.
Mabe the people of atlantis did the same thing.
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This blanket ranges from 50 feet thick to over 300 feet thick. When the storms hit they are garbed and slowed down .Its like sand paper if you scrape off the grit [forest] the storms will slide over the coastal mountains faster then if the forest was there to grab it. This will seriously impact weather patterns which and will create server weather. If you don't believe my theories, Watch the news. Enough of the global impacts of clear cutting, lets now move to the economic benefits of logging. But first.

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I'm going to repeat what I say at the end of economic benefits.

protesters3.jpg (8563 bytes)If you thought the treeprotesters11.jpg (3877 bytes) huggers are making it so that your children will never work in the forest Ind. your wrong.
The end results of our relentlas elimination of the forests are devastating.clipwaves.gif (3113 bytes) Now you know why these people, your children are were willing to go to jail to save, not the forest, but  the planet from entering the next biblical flood followed by a global Ice age.

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Your children are becoming very educated about the environment so I challenge you to let your children read my web. Then you debate the authenticity of my web with your children.
I want you to remember its your children your leaving the earth to.

The forest is being logged very well   in many places in bc, I have seen excellent examples of selective loggingg.
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on to the environmentalists This is a page I can not let out, it shows how environmentlists have been victiums of terrorism and who did it.