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A place legends are made from.
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satvi1.jpg (1128940 bytes)Bamfield is a very unique town in a very unique place.
What makes it so special is it is a refugium, a place the glaciers could not hit. Its literally a paradise, an oasis in the north.
In 1902 the cable station was under way and there is a reason why the cable station was placed  here .
In the 1970's   the cable lands  was bought and they placed the bms, marine sciences center there.
According to the powers that be,  the area in yellow had no serious Spanish colonies living here before 1840, yet there is lots of evidence.  
They say Definitely no Vikings or Inca connected colonies could have possibly lived here. They say Historically speaking it's boring.

I believe they are wrong and  that the place has been a destination by sea, for people throughout history.             ship7f.jpg (7779 bytes)
willy1.jpg (37239 bytes)
I have had the pleasure of spending some time with an old Indian story teller for the local tribe.
Willy claimed there was a people here before his people, he claimed the caves I found were used and created by them and he called them the people from the beginning of time . He even said they had colored eyes.   These caves are found on the cliffs of the west coast and they can be found, no other place in the the world.

When I took Wily to the summer solstice cave, he pointed me to an island and said there is a Meiden mans solstice cave on it, he asked me if  I had been to it. I had not and did not know were it was. I had not found it till this year, but once I found it, I knew  I found Willis cave right away.

I have placed some legends and some pieces of some stories I wrote about this place below.
Read them and see for your self, what  a magical place we live in.
Decide for your self if any sea faring traveler ever settled here.

In 1993 I made a video about selectiv logging and approached the environmentalist's. I was seeking help to get awareness to the historical connections to this mountain. During the protesters  I spent time with the environmentalists and calyqouot rendezvous, in both groups I  truly found people who cared.
Being labeled a environmentalist and my uneducated theory has in the eyes of some , made me nuts.
Read my theory about the forest and my history story and decide if you agree, that I am nuts. If you have made it here and agree leave.
This page is just a intro to my book.  If I publish my book you will see it's not another  Bre x .
hoswammen.jpg (27193 bytes)MANAlcp
It started in  1985 when  i found an old placer  mine on this mountain \/.
Look up grappler from the mouth of the  harbor and you can see it .
On this mountain is a felsite  and quartzite deposit.  This is also the stone the Clovis used for there spear points.
Very distinct because of the fluited [concave] ends.
mountian3.jpg (3297 bytes)
clovis.jpg (3624 bytes)

Notice the mountain where the feldsite vein is and the agute vein crosses.
It's  the same shape as the clovis spear point.


Wait till the summer solstice and the mountain turns to gold gold5.jpg (127863 bytes)
mountian1.jpg (7692 bytes)


Gold on a mountain that turns to gold.
Once I found the placer mine, which  the laws prohibited me from placer mining the old placer mine. I realized I found old chief Louie's lost mine from his story. I figured I found a important historical mine so I began to read documented legends, to see if they fit what I found.
As I was a prospector I did a proposal for a mining company, International Cherokee and beu prey minerals. when I showed Mr. beu prey the picture of the miniature mountain he thought it was real gold. They sent a geologist down to do a report for me.

The first book I bought was "lost bananzas of western Canada. " it had the Spanish massacre story  and BC's lost mines.
In the Spanish story a young girl found the gold.
"she produced a handful of pretty stones which she had broken of a big yellow rock"
All along the coast the Indians have stories about the Spanish gold mine.
The local band were I live, claims they used to go get gold and use it in ceremonies in the caves.
[See the hearts page] The best stories are the ones in the daughters of copper women.
Watch the video of Willy in the cave as he shows the connection between the caves and gold.
I read the story about a prospector from port Renfrew ,who found raw gold, so the story goes. 
"fosters mine" In the story he flashed very rich gold.
waltsf.jpg (47261 bytes)"Foster was flashing his gold-not just nuggets but chunks of the prized ore, hacked from a ledge high up the San   Juan"
These are pictures of Walters fathers gold. Years ago, before Walt died, he showed me a piece of bull quartz, about a inch across, it had a piece of slate and a 1 ounce chunk of raw gold in it. He said  he had a bigger one  and there was some silver pieces as well.
The piece's above are 2 pieces of the silver/gold ore, his wife showed them to me after he died.
Old Walter told me the story about his fathers gold mine and showed me his gold pieces.
The pick marks can been seen on the lower piece.  

Dave's story --------

Fosters mine
 legend was  the same story as Walters, yet foster never had the gold to prove it, Walter did.   

In 1986  I  found something amassing, a legend about a local cave that had a miniature of a mountain in it, a mountain that is illuminated by the setting sun .

On the setting sun of the solstice we went to bradies beach and entered the cave in the legend.
We searched for the mountain and this is what we found in the cave.

"Wow" It was a replica of the mountain and it was pure gold.

       ssdoug.jpg (250695 bytes)
My first reaction.
"Evidence of a past culture that built solstice caves dedicated to this mountain"?
This was UN acceptable and I got little support for my theories. But it did not stop me from showing what I found.cave_with_peoplesophie.jpg (154629 bytes)
Living so close to a university, I  started to take students to see the amassing site. For nearly 20 years students, friends and I have been visiting the site. Yet still, the government openly laughs at me and denies even the Spanish set foot in Barclay sound pre 1840.

Well its 2004 and I have found more. 

Devan.jpg (150025 bytes)I found willies cave and  the cave has tiny drops of water on the ceiling, it looks like little quartz crystals on the ceiling.
The most recent  important find is another ceremonial  cave, found by a rcmp officer.  I know the Island  the cave is on and I know there was  found to have,  very odd DNA in the bones. This was accompanied by fluting in the obsidian and slate spear points. Ron told me about the cave and the other info came from the archeological investigation of the island. The unfortunate thing is, the GOV will not admit to it.

Read the legends I believe  connect  the people from the past, to the caves and Barkly sound.
Start with chief Louie's legend, the first legend I read and Paunine Johnson's legend.
One  thing to note, Louies legend had the location of the cave written at the end, so it was not hard to find. I followed the directions from the book and the legend to find the miniature mountain in the cave.

Chief Louie's Legend sssara.JPG (126026 bytes)
The cave of  Koa swilth "the thunder caves" can be approached by paddling  through the kelp beds which lie off shore to a tiny little harbor in which a landing can be made on a shelf of rock about a hundred yards from the mouth if the cave .wcravenbest11.jpg (1607 bytes)

Entering an arched portal into the gloom of the cave there is a round pool of water some 12 feet from side to side . Dscf0014.jpg (114751 bytes)A mosaic of multi colored sea growth in shades of orange, yellow cerise red crimson lake andDSCF0027.JPG (335034 bytes) purple hue lines the sides below and above the level of the water, in the placid surface of which the colors are mirrored blending with the reflection of the olive greens ochres of the vaulted roof.

mountian1.jpg (4716 bytes)
ssmt4.jpg (122365 bytes)What appears to be a miniature mountain range rose colored red is set in a dark heart shape frame of rock. it is placed on the wall at the end of the cave. Climb around the slippery sides of the pool and their is a second cave longer and deeper then the first one. A miniature mountain range rises  from the flour, perfect in every detail, serrated peaks, precipitous gorges and bold gm56.jpg (37839 bytes)bluffs. Along the foot of the range lies a miniature lake. Through the second cave, the setting sun of the summer solstice shines in the, in such a manner as to light the upper slopes and peaks of the diminutive mountain rangm8.jpg (7260 bytes)ge, revealing rich tints of gold and giving the effects of a sunset scene.


the siwash rock

gm5.jpg (25570 bytes)I have been to these sacred places with old Willy the Indian story teller, he told me that they where made by the people from the beginning of time.
In 1911 an old Indian chief took a young lady, Pauline Johnson to this sacred place.
Their reaction,Dscf0014.jpg (114751 bytes)

''Unique and so distinct from its surroundings as to suggest rather a handy craft of man then a whim of nature'' It looms up at the entrance to the narrows ,a symmetrical column of gray stone.'' ''I saw it first in the redly setting august sun, its colossal base of gray stone gleamed like flaming polished granite.''

ssdoor_man.jpg (42633 bytes)

The legend continues. ''My old tillicum ( friend) lifted his paddle blade to point towards it .'' You know the story? ''he asked. For a time we paddled slowly:" The rack detached itself from its back ground of forest and shore, and it stood forth like a sentinel, erect enduring and eternal.'' Do you think it stands straight like a man?''he asked.'' yes like a noble spirited upright warrior ''I replied."

ssdoor_man.jpg (42633 bytes)
It is a man'', and a warrior man to: a man who fought for everything that is noble and upright.'What do you regard as noble and upright chief?I asked . He said simply .'' clean fatherhood''.


"It was thousands of years ago that a handsome young boy chief journeyed in his canoe to the upper coast for the shy little northern girl whom he brought home as his wife.''soon his wife was with a child, He brought her to the Sacred place to have her baby. The boy leapt into the water to swim for clean father hood, in his swim he met the great leaders boat and would not let the boat pass.The Sagalie Tyee said .''Because you have defied mend11.jpg (20209 bytes)all thing that comes in your path we promise this to you .You have defied what interferes in your child's chance for a clean life,you have placed that child's future before all things and for this this the sagalie tyee commands us to make you ever a pattern for your tribe .You shall never die, but you shall stand through the thousands of years to come, where all eyes can see you. You shall live,live, live as an indestructible monument to clean fatherhood. The four men lifted their paddles and the handsome young chief swam inshore. as his feet touched the line where sea and land met he was transformed into stone. Then the four men said, "His wife and child must ever be near him. They to where turned to stone.

mountian1.jpg (7619 bytes)

If you penetrate woods near the rock you will find a large rock and a smaller one beside it. Some day I'll show you the big rock.



aVC-011F.jpg (55845 bytes)gm4.jpg (8395 bytes)He told me the legend that fewer Indians know today,It was not always there , that great rock. For it too was once a great tyee who ruled the mighty tract of waters.He would laugh and defy the sagarlie tyee. It was at this time that the sagalie tyee in the persons of the four men came in the great canoe.
ravenf.jpg (9283 bytes)

It was all rock and dense forest and it provided shelter from the terrors of the west wind, he made this strip of land his last stand against the four men. As the bow touched the land the four men arose and they pleaded him to cease.

wcfish1.jpg (4842 bytes)menf.jpg (23254 bytes)The four men cried, you have been to great a god for even the sagalie Tyee to obliterate you for ever ,but you shall live on ,live now to serve , not to hinder shall turn into stone where you now stand, and you shall rise only as men wish you to. Your life from this day shall be for the good of man. You shall stand through all the thousands of years upon thousands of years to come."
Legends of Vancouver
Pauline Johnson 1911

mend11.jpg (20209 bytes)mend11.jpg (20209 bytes)
Pauline's legend's clearly say  that thousands of years ago, on this coast, a man was turned to stone.
I don't know about you but I see a man set in stone on the walls of these caves and who knows what lies beneath the sand in the solstice cave Willy told me about.
menf.jpg (23254 bytes)Having some knolage about prospecting, and history
<<I can tell you,
its a granite wall that has been chipped so that the shadows of the setting sun create the image of a man's  profile.
The other picture is pigments embedded in sand stone, it paints a picture.>>
Its cave art done through the art of illusion and done by the first nation.
Although the  dna still runs in the blood of some natives, the nation and culture are gone from the west coast.

ohaitbaby.jpg (2953039 bytes)As I said, this summer I  learned that one of the islands with burial caves, had very unusual DNA in the bones. const Ron saw a ceremonial cave and saw a connection to a local  Indian family.
This is a local child, a young Indian girl from the Ohait tribe . I found the picture in the garbage drop but I know she is the for mother of my friends. Have a close look at her features, blond streaks and brown eyes. Maybe a relative of the Spanish or maybe the descendents of the odd DNA.
If we do not stop hidding history, we may never know.petroglyph1.JPG (49018 bytes)

The legend claims "a heart shaped frame of rock".

ssmt4.jpg (122365 bytes)Follow the link to part of my story about the hearts in America.

What's the heart doing in America

vinmap1.jpg (1637 bytes)vanislandf.jpg (1760 bytes)Vikings in America?
     <The Vinland map     /    Vancouver island>
Of course I immediately thought what I found  was some lost civilization like Atlantis. But it was not lost, It was right here. maincoon2.jpg (59987 bytes)
And like the bms, I was living in the same location.
This got me thinking about others from history who may have visited this place by boat.   I then found this map and figured "Vikings" why not.

The next story is not a legend, but just my theory about
this lost
Viking Cats.
forestcat.jpg (4072 bytes)The Vikings made it to Maine and they left their cats behind,   The Norwegin forest cat


catwarp.jpg (301883 bytes)

santana.gif (35670 bytes)These native north American cats are known as the maincoon.
They are native to north ameriac cats from around main. They are very valuible.

maincoonwarp.jpg (123741 bytes)catwarp.jpg (301883 bytes)
In 1985 two main coon cats
Clovis.jpg (3624 bytes) walked out of the bush and took up residence with a logging camp.<<

Years later my father found a kitten in the bush , She was Grey and pink with a flat face , believe it or not she tweeted like a bird. she had 1 batch of kittens then I had her fixed. 2 short hared  females and 1 male , I kept the male.   Fatsofatsoskittens.jpg (238104 bytes)
This is Fatso,before he was taken , fixed then put to sleep.
I kept fatso's gene's going till some one took him in as a wild cat. and got him fixed. .
Before this my brother had a small black female, fatso became the father, I took the female kitten, she had many  kittens, but only the males were the fluffy Vincoons, they were easy to give away. She had a batch of kittens only in the spring.maincoon1.jpg (100047 bytes)
vincoon2.jpg (290830 bytes)
This guy is the young Clovis.jpg (3624 bytes) fellow sitting in front of fatso, He was nuddered and is 3 years old.

Offer me enough $ and he's yours.

Clovis.jpg (3624 bytes)When I knew fatso was not coming back, I kept this kitten. It turned out to be a female, the only female with the main coons features I ever got.
The picture below  is the sister of the cat with the main.
stevescat.jpg (88591 bytes)
She is Identical to Steve's old cat, except for the pink. you can see  the pink fur on the inside of her legs. 
I believe the cat is a product of evolution, kittens in the spring and when you get close they crouch down, other wise you never see them..

mumscat.jpg (77024 bytes)But this is her uncle, I knew what it would look like so I gave to my mother. She tried to give it back because it would not come out from under the couch. These cats are shy, If they don't know you, you will not see them. This is the only picture I can get of mums cat so far.  It is a huge beast and I would pay money for this cat and soon I will have more. I don't think my mother ,or any one has ever seen the young fellow.
I am calling them
The  Vincoone

20 years ago, the vincoone cat did the same as its brother the main coon. It walked into the back door  of a cabin in the wilds of America. The map of Vinland is Vancouver island and the vincoone was there cat.
I am curious to see what the children of my kitten will look like.

Any way, enough of cats, read the paper I wrote in 1995 About, "Vikings in barkly sound". I had a professor edit it for me. Its quite well done. For more on vikings go to the navigation page..

Vinland Rediscovered          Paul Demontigny  1996
vinmap1.jpg (1637 bytes)

(This report is dedicated to my co-researcher, Monica) and edited by dr daived martin


          Discovery:          Sometimes its finding something for the first time: But sometimes it'’ finding something important that has been lost, like King Solomon’s mines or Noah’s Ark.  Discovery is a word that sets the blood moving….

          Parks Canada thinks that Vinland was discovered in Newfoundland.   They made a park at L’Anseaux Meadows to show off the discovery.  While in reality, Vinland is out here on the other side of Canada, in another park that was set up simply to showcase the beauty of the West Coast. 

          How dare anyone question the wisdom of those experts?  Well, Vinland was a name given by Vikings to a place they found and the way to locate Vinland is therefore to follow their (record) retrace their voyages, and locate the area where the settlement they called Vinland was built. 

        clipviship.jpg (2904 bytes)  I’m not saying that there aren't’t the remains of a Nordic settlement in Newfoundland.  There pretty surly are- the Vikings were incredible invaders and even Native Legends from here to the Mohawks, describe them as the “people of motion.”  My point is that Viking descriptions of Vinland the Good do not point to Newfoundland. Was there a different Viking site, probably the one they called New Ireland.

 bigfish.jpg (25567 bytes)  salalberries.jpg (47464 bytes)  
Vinland, the Viking’s plainly tell, contained giant trees, giant salmon, and vines with fine, fat wine berries.  These things don’t grow today in Newfoundland and we have no evidence that they did when the climate was warmer. 
salalberries.jpg (47464 bytes)Eastern Canadian salmon are smaller than Norwegian and even Swedish salmon- they would not have impressed Vikings as immense.  Neither would Eastern Canadian trees.  The salmon and trees of the B.C. Coast are bigger than any recorded Scandinavian counterparts… they would have looked awesome.
 coal.jpeg (67269 bytes)
In Vinland they found Quartzite and Anthracite coal, you can’t find these things on the East Coast. 

ag00092_1.gif (502 bytes)This is anthracite coal and their is a quartzite deposit less then 2 miles up stream.
The coal comes from the smelter [winter cave]. on Vancouver island.

      ag00171_.gif (5016 bytes)   
Leif Eriksson discovered Vinland in 996.  That’s important!  From 800 to sometime between 1200 and 1400 AD. The Arctic Ice pack was far smaller than it has been since then.  Viking sailors could roam the Arctic Ocean during the warmer half of the year.. something nobody can do now. 

          Being able to roam the Arctic, the Vikings almost certainly did.. such was their nature and their navigational skills were already superb.  Their reports of latitude were accurate to less than half a degree, perhaps to a tenth or a twentieth-  a fact we will meet again.      Map below….. 

Vinland…     The sagas tell us that Eriksson’s first voyage to Vinland was a year long: about ten years after returning to Greenland he came back with a larger party and stayed three years. Reading the old accounts, I get a strong intuition that after Eriksson’s larger party abandoned Vinland, parties from Scandinavia – the territories of what we know today as Iceland,Norway, Denmark, and Sweden were Differently arranged then—tried to return to Vinland and never made it back home.
When the arctic ocean froze over-- 1400 AD. or a bit earlier-- Viking travel was restricted to the Arctic ocean and the Eurasian mainland. Regular sea travel through the northwest passage never resumed, though special parties led by the heaviest ice breakers can navigate the area [if the purpose, of the voyage justifies the immense cost.]It has been centuries since people thought of the Arctic Ocean as open sea
To find Vinland, one must imagine the Vikings perspective, In a time the southern Arctic Ocean was reliably open during the warm part of the year. Then the accounts in the sagas make sense.
Leif's account begins in 995, in Greenland. Lief tells his father, Erik the Red, how he was blown southward of course while in route from Iceland: map4na.jpg (2540 bytes)He accidentally found two large Islands [today Newfoundland and Baffin island]and a part of north American mainland [probably Labrador, Which would have been well wooded in that warmer time]. He proposes to sail  westward and explore what is obviously a large amount of new land. [Saga  quotations are in the translation found in Farley Mowat's Far West.]

map2na.jpg (13871 bytes)The saga continues..."They made their ship ready for sea ;when all was ready they sailed ...reaching an island which lay to the northward of the country[ the inhabited south of the west coast of Greenland].[1] see map 1 . They went up and looked about in fine weather[2].After that they returned to their ship and sailed through the sound which lay between the island and that cape which projected northward from the land itself".[3]
Heading northward [and a bit westward] from south Greenland [which is the only part of that huge island that was ever inhabited] the large island one reaches is plainly Baffin island; the translation doesn't tell me clearly if "they looked about them " refers to exploring one island or several."up there" seems to me to refer to the northward- projecting cape [ellesmere Island]. in any  case, the sound they sailed through after exploring Baffin island and probably some nearby islands is known as Lancaster Sound.

"They sailed westward around the cape"[4]. contains the saga: and from the north end of Baffin Island it is basically westward all  the  way to the north cape --   Alaska, at point Barrow.--- See Map#1
bcvin.jpg (23421 bytes)" There they found many hellur. there were many arctic foxes there.   They gave a name to this country and called it helluland[H]. From thence they sailed for two days and bore away from the south toward the southeast, until they reached a wooded country containing many animals[I]. An island lay off to the southeast of this country[J].  Then they sailed southward along this land;  after two days they came to a cape" [K]. At this point they had reached Vinland.
...... see Map # 2 .....

If the directions were to leave Greenland and sail south west for 1 week till you hit a wooded land, then sail south along the coast till you hit a cape. From the cape, sail to the viking out post situated on the rock[Newfouldland]   Then yes "Vinland is Newfoundland" map3na.jpg (20321 bytes)

Vinland---Mowat's rendering of the sagas leaves room for two interpretations--either lieafs party rounded the north part of Baffin island [sailing a very short was westward] and then wound its way back through the north end of Hudson's Bay, down Davis Strait  off the coast of Labrador, to L'anse aux Meadows; or they sailed a long way west and came down the west coast of north America. Between these coasts there is no way to reach the 49th Parallel by sea-the southern end of James bay is at latitude 5? . [in any case, the description of Vinland bears no resemblance to James bay.] Obviously, there are gaps in the account; and to decide which coast Lief Erikson reached, one must look at the length of the voyage and his description of the place.
The saga account doesn't cover 90 days; but it is recorded that it took that long. A Viking ship could sail, say 100 miles in a day. The journey from southwest Greenland through the Northwest passage, around Alaska, to the Alexander Archipelago; would total less then 6000 miles. From there south to the 49th Parallel would be  500-600 miles. A three month voyage could reach the west Coast with ample time for shore exploration; while it would be wastefully long to go from Greenland to Newfoundland-- even around Baffin island, and it is hard to imagine taking such a circuitous rout to a place Lief had already reached by accident, and could have gone to more directly in a week or two!
Seen on a globe, the shortest route from Greenland to point Barrow is through the northwest passage; and the halfway point of the joinery is located somewhere on the north coast of Baffin Island.
Wherever the gap in the account may have been, sailing southeast from Alaska, via the Alexander Archipelago and the Queen Charlotte Islands and or- the northern B.C. coast, Lief's party would indeed have met trees and "many animals".
1mitchf.jpg (5909 bytes)By the time they reached the 49th parallel, those trees could have been 15-20 feet thick-- nowhere in Europe or Northeastern North America do we know of any tree more than 6-8 feet thick; and those biggest trees include oaks and beaches with which the Vikings would already have been similar. In a warmer climate, Newfoundland could have contained 6 foot white pines , perhaps; but that's about the upper limit.  Such trees would not have been huge compared with what a similar "climate enhancement" would have produced in Scandinavia. West Coast species, however, would have impressed even Vikings. The same is true of the "huge salmon" to which the sagas refer: Newfoundland salmon are smaller than Scandinavian salmon, which in turn are smaller than Chinook salmon.

The Vikings clearly refer to the "Island of Vinland", and their Vinland map is a rough mirror image of Vancouver island.  The best interpretation I can make of this fact is two fold:vanislandf.jpg (1760 bytes) vinmap1.jpg (1637 bytes)They knew the world was round; and the Vinland Image is reversed to Symbolize that Vinland is on the other side of the world.
Sailing the northernmost waters , the Vikings would have ready evidence that longitudinal distances were shorter, the farther north one goes.  This might have been much less evident to low-latitude sailors; because the closer one gets to the pole, the greater the effect of a north south difference. Having traveled to or beyond the equator, they would also have noticed that day lengths differ both by season and by latitude
"Discoveries can only happen when you go where something is -- you cannot find it where it is not. We need to remember to listen to the views and stories of others, and be willing to accept them. "
Native legends, some of them published, tell of stories of Vikings having visited this coast. If we accept the truthfulness of the Vikings, they tell us how to find Vinland: It is a three-month voyage from Greenland. Newfoundland is not. Giant trees and salmon are here, not on the northwest peninsula of Newfoundland. The Vinland map looks more like our Island then "The Rock".
With In paddling distance of where I sit now sits the Remains of the most famous lost Viking kingdom ever"Vinland"
the end

Willie's cave  "The medisen mens cave"     
It's 2004 and I'm not going to argue about weather I am right or not about the Vikings, its your choice to believe me or not.

Dscf0141.jpg (214917 bytes)I make these finds the same way a researcher At the bms makes a find, in barkly sound. I find them because they and I are here.
In march 1 year ago 05 I found a cave the old Indian story teller told me about. I never looked for it , I just stumbled on it.
I was after the log.Dscf0109.jpg (151794 bytes)
In it, I found something amazing.  I noticed the morning solstice sun will illuminate the whole 240 feet of the 20 feet high cave wall .  This had to be Willis solstice  cave . A dry cave filled with beach sand. The sand makes the cave dry with  a flat plateau some 200 feet long and Its made from  clean sand.  Its a solstice cave and  should have no Indian dead in it, these caves were sacred. yet it did have bones.
0118.jpg (164186 bytes)DSCF0011.JPG (96553 bytes)

A body guard's  the entrance and these old fishing floats are mixed in with the sand in the back of the cave a young boy A boy in a old shipping crate , with a big hole in his skull peared back in the cave , His leg bones are crossed becide him.Dscf0121.jpg (165184 bytes)

Between the two is a spot were you can see something was there, now  all that's left in some boards and fishing floats.0203.jpg (140556 bytes)
The crate is made with square wooden dowels, clearly from a ship.
I believe Years ago the stuff  in the cave showed up in bamfield and I think its the stuff from the old Roch house.
The pirate stuff.
A flint lock musket, 2 smoking pipes, a bronze dagger 2 ships cutlasses.

There is also a cave near some old Spanish mine pits on another island.
It had 12 Spanish soldiers lying in it , full body armor, all gone now.

It did not take long to see willies cave had pirates marking it.


How did I know, simple, they documented there adventure and left clues for there leader, the queen.

I figured this body was were the two Spanish soldiers found in bamfield years ago actually came from. The place  the 2 swards, flint lock musket , and 2 smoking pipes, came from.
There is no doubt the constable Roch  did have the stuff.

waltsf.jpg (47261 bytes)People laugh at "pirates in bc"
Yet Francis drake was the queens pirates , and he and his cousin john hawknis came here.
They were chasing the Spanish that left us with the old Spanish mine legends , found up and down the coast.

All have the story of the gold mine but no one has the gold. >>>>>>>

The best legend about the Spanish gold mine can be found in the book "the daughters of copper women".

The best way to find out
if  Drake came here, is to follow Drakes stories and maps. Read the book " the secret voyage of sir Francis Drake " and See for your self  were drake landed.

Just follow the maps.
drakesmap3.jpg (2404763 bytes) drakesmap4.jpg (492939 bytes)The first map shows he sailed up the coast to VI were he turned into a bay with a row of islands in front of the bay. two on the left, 1 in the bay and 1 on the right. He passes between the 3 islands and lands on the inside island. He is clearly looking into barkly sound.

drakesspanishev1.jpg (81031 bytes)
drakesmp2.jpg (478505 bytes)

The picture placed on the map, shows drakes ship off the broken group islands. You see he takes a Bering from Mt. Ozart, in Ucluelet and draws the saw tooth range, then a bearing down the island's to the left. Sanford, Fleming and tzartis.
drakesmapmt.jpg (938077 bytes)

drakesmap.jpg (762040 bytes)
<<This picture Shows drake being towed past foldger, Edward king , hains, Diana and helby.
It also has the mountains behind bamfield were the mine is.
He is towed into A bay and ancors it  were he stays with the natives.
He is here to plan an attack With the Indians on Nove Albion.

In sarita bay tom Joe found a coin, It was authenticated as being a 500 year old English coin , from sir Francis drake.
Tom's family still lives on the site of his ancestors and the location of drakes landing. Un fortunately , the government has assured us , there was no drake landing in Barclay sound.
I recently found out toms ant has a bag of gold doubloons A ohait used to dive on a ship for them.
Its like there hiding history.

And I can see why , the mountain the Spanish mined was sacred to the first nations the problem is  proving this would stop the rapid deforestation of the yellow cedar that ,before 1986 covered it . I believe the forest could be logged in such a way as to leave the bio diversity intact. Mining that follows veins can be done under ground as well..
Its very obvious that it is being prepared for open pit mining, regard less of it's heritage significance. As for the ecology, it's  a refugium a place were the glaciers never hit.

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Sir Francis Drake was not stupid, he had his artist and map maker draw what he saw, even had him draw the dome depicted in the caves on one of the maps . The site of Nova Albion
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The silver/gold mines the Spanish were hauling the gold from, Is mentioned  in the legend in the daughters of copper women [lost gold mine]

The harbor in the picture is Nova Albion.

devan.JPG (150025 bytes)Follow the legend of the skull and cross bones and see for your self who the boy in the box is.
Is this the son of john Hawkins, drakes cabin boy?
My nephew points out the roof of the cave has soda straw's hanging from the ceiling creating a spring of fresh water in the cave.
This grotto has 12 feet of sand filling it to the roof. With the sand gone the drops of water would look like diamonds or quartz on the ceiling of the grotto.  It would create a pool of water in THE shamons cave in a refeugium..
This is not a coincidence, I feel it must be related to the quartz Crystals at the top of the mountain.

Before you read the next legend, follow this link and enter willies cave.

The legend of the bc pirates on skull island.
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As documented by young Hawkins.

To sort 069.jpg (324239 bytes)"And there upon we all entered the cave. It was a large, airy place, with a little spring and a pool of clear water, overhung with ferns.
The floor was sand.

Before a big fire lay the Captain

To sort 027.jpg (328616 bytes)Indeed, as we found when we also reached the spot, it was something very different.
a human skeleton lay, with a few shreds of
clothing, on the ground. I believe a chill struck for a moment to every heart.

'He was a seaman,' said George , who, bolder than the rest, had gone up close, and was examining the rags of clothing. 'Leastwise, this is good sea-cloth.'

'Ay, ay,'  'like enough; you wouldn't look to find a bishop here, I reckon. But what sort of a way is that for bones to lie? 'Tain't in natur'.' body121.JPG

Indeed, on a second glance, it seemed impossible to fancy that the body was in a natural position. But for some disarray (the work, perhaps, of the birds that had fed upon him,  the man lay perfectly straight--his feet pointing in one direction, his hands, raised above his head like a diver's, pointing directly in the opposite.

'I've taken a notion into my old numskull,' observed Silve. 'Here's the compass; there's the tip-top pint o' Skeleton Island, stickin' out like a tooth. Just take a bearing will you, along the line of them bones.'

It was done. legs0301.jpg (245594 bytes)The body pointed straight in the direction of the island, and the compass read arms0321.jpg (246875 bytes)duly E.S.E. and by E.

'I thought so,' cried the cook; 'this here is a p'inter. Right up there is our line for the Pole Star and the jolly dollars. But, by thunder! if it don't make me cold inside to think of -----. This is one of his jokes, and no mistake.

Him and these six was alone here; he killed em, every man; and this one he hauled here and laid down by compass, shiver my timbers! They're long bones, and the hair's been yellow. Ay, that would be Allardyce. '

'Ay, ay,' returned Morgan, 'I mind him; he owed me money, he did, and took my knife ashore with him.'

'Speaking of knives,' said another, 'why don't we find his'n lying round? He warn't the man to pick a seaman's pocket; and the birds, I guess, would leave it be.'

'By the powers, and that's true!'

Dscf0121.jpg (165184 bytes)'There aint a thing left here,' said Merry, still feeling round among the bones, 'not a copper doit nor a baccy box. It don't look nat'ral to me.'

'No, by gum, it don't,'  'not nat'ral, nor not nice, says you. Great guns!
Six they were, and six are we; and bones is what they are now.

The end

This story was written over 500 years ago and  I did not make it fit the cave , the cave just fits the story, a story about pirates.

We know what type of boats the Spanish used to get here, but the Vikings and earlier people used a different type of ship. This link will take you to my theory about how they
made these boats seaworthy.

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