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1navigation.jpg (6554 bytes)underconstruction.jpg (4656 bytes)The heart

wpe53.jpg (1891 bytes)petroglyph1.JPG (49018 bytes)We all know how to draw a heart, but were does it come from.
History tells us it comes from Euro/Asia and If we go even deeper back in time we can find it in Egypt.

This petroglyphs, a heart, comes from the Columbia river in America.
What's even more amazing is the heart petroglyph  is a artiest rendition of a sacred cave, also in America.

So what is the heart doing in America?

Chief Louie's legend 1920ad

ssmt4.jpg (11860 bytes)
Entering an arched portal into the gloom of the cave there is a round pool of water some 12 feet from side to side . What appears to be a miniature mountain range rose collared red is set in a dark
heart shape frame of rock.gm5.jpg (135531 bytes)Climb around the slippery sides of the pool and their is a second cave longer and deeper then the first one. A miniature mountain range rises  from the flour, perfect in every detail, serrated peaks, precipitous gorges and bold bluffs.Along the foot of the range lies a miniature lake. Through the second cave, the setting sun of the summer solstice shines in the, in such a manner as to light the upper slopes and peaks of the diminutive mountain range, revealing rich tints of gold and giving the effects of a sunset scene."

mountian1.jpg (7619 bytes)
what we have is a Indian legend about a heart shaped frame of rock, this alone is grounds for a coincidence, but, As you can see the mountain's shape is identical to the miniature mountain in the cave another possible coincidence maybe. but as the setting solstice sun shines on the mountains  slopes, it gives off a golden glow.
One thing the legend says about the miniature mountain is "perfect in every detail".
what's not coincidence is the natives would go to sacred bathing pools on that mountain, then they would go to the cave with gold and do there cerionmnies. [Wiley says " not every year"]  see video clip

According to a shaman [speaker wily], this cave was created before the time of the Indian culture. He said "made by the elders of the people  from the beginning of time".

willy.jpg (48960 bytes)
Enlarge the picture of Willie and look to the  right hand of the picture. There is petroglyph of a hour glass,  look closer and you will see why we call it the Egyptian lady's head dress.

the picture below is on the wall in the back of the cave look close and you will notice faces in the wall , it appears to be pigments imbedded in the wall to form a painting, primitive but effective, the big question is who is in the art and who created it.

menf.jpg (23254 bytes) who are the people Wily claims   created the caves.
call them "the people from the beginning of time'' and claimed they were a pale bearded people. Mayan speak of the pale bearded people and called them  the builders, the ones who built the pyramids.

What we have now is 
art that was created by a people who lived here before the Indians, about 10,000 years ago. Now what  we would need to   do now is find a the skeleton of a  man with a similar cranial make up from that era.
Thanks to two young adventures such a man was un earthen, his name is
kennewick.jpg (12955 bytes)petroglyph1.JPG (49018 bytes)Kennewick Man  He is a 9,400 year old Caucasian   looking man related to the Aniu of Japan.
The Kennewick man was found near the heart  petroglyph on the Columbia river. See map
. It would make sense Mr. K.M. was in some way connected to the Columbia heart. which would connect him to the cave. If migration is an issue think about were we are   today, ever heard of earth first, log the rest next. clovis.jpg (10795 bytes)We are putting man in space at the risk of global warming and  we accomplished this in just 10,000 years, I don't think so. I think this man was a profesionial mamoth hunter from a city and this clovis spear was his mammoth hunting weapon.
wpe53.jpg (1891 bytes)

The petroglyphs was  done after the cave, probably by the same race of people, old willy claimed gold was used in the ceremonies in the caves. this was not a common practice amongst native Americans . this could connect this small minority of native Americans to a culture that uses gold in its religious ceremonies. the first one that comes to mind is the Aztec and Mayan.
we  could trace the heart back in time, from England to Israel to Egypt ton but then its a huge step to  the Columbia river and   Vancouver island . I still have not heard of a heart in the Mayan or Aztec art.
regardless The cave is old ,very old, according to  wily it was done thousands of years ago and   wily claims  this cave is a temple the natives call the house of thunderbird. extremely old .older then the Egyptian culture and even the Indian culture. He claimed the shamans from all over   would go to the cave and prey, they would look in to the pool and see images.

A connection with cultures who used gold in ceremonies on the solstice
A connection to cave art.
A connection to Egypt
A connection to the most controversial man in history. Mr. K.M.

In 1911 this Indian legend was documented by a young educated Indian, Pauline Johnson.
"'Unique and so distinct from its surroundings as to suggest rather a handy craft of man then a whim of nature'' ''I saw it first in the readily setting august sun, its colossal base of gray stone gleamed like flaming polished granite.''

mountian1.jpg (7619 bytes)Summer solstice, a event big in ancient times, stone hedge, and many ,many other forgotten empires had solstice events. In this cave  the setting solstice sun shines in and light's up the miniature mountain turning it to   gold, giving it the same golden glow.again identical  to the mountain.
gm5.jpg (135531 bytes)

wpe53.jpg (1891 bytes)Old wily, the speaker, claims the only peoples who will under stand its meaning is the relatives of the people who created it. He claims it was done trough the art of illusion.
This is more then just coincidence or a whim of nature and   believe it or not, the image of a bearded man [the little man] appears on a wall in the back of the second cave, again Pauline Johnson describes it . mend11.jpg (18630 bytes)"It looms up at the entrance to the narrows ,a symmetrical column of gray stone.''

" The rack detached itself from its back ground of forest and shore, and it stood forth like a sentinel, erect enduring and eternal.'' Do you think it stands straight like a man?''he asked.'' yes like a noble spirited upright warrior ''I replied."
It is a man'', and a warrior man to: a man who fought for everything that is noble and upright."
Pauline Johnson 1911

This is not a Miracle, if we study European cave art  you will learn about the art of illusion, this is how the old story teller claims the cave was created .IN France there is a cave were the image of a horses head appears from the shadows of 2 lanterns placed on two ledges.[see the creative explosion]

ssdoor_man.jpg (42633 bytes)
ssmannosun.jpg (6268 bytes)The same thing happens here, at 8:30 the sun creates the shadow of a killer whale, then at 9 p.m. from the fin of the whale a man appears ,  the man is set on a  granite wall and just before the sun sets, it lights up the wall which is  engraved in such a way as to create shadows. the shadows create a little man , below the little man is the image  of a bearded man's face.

mend11.jpg (18630 bytes)
But wait theirs more, as I said the old Indian claimed this place was were the shamans would go to prey, and they would see an image in the pool. the image in the pool will be the miniature mountain  upside down, so first lets look at the miniature mountain up side down.

reflection.jpg (12783 bytes)

1navigation_temple.jpg (7969 bytes)   It looks like a temple with a face to the right.
If we look at the image in the water what we see is another mountain , this one is visible from in side  the cave ,  and this is a close up of the top of that Mt. slphoto3.jpg (332077 bytes)again a pyramid ,light up on the left. if we move slightly to the right knell down on a small rock out crop and look in the pool , the Pyramid is all we see. [ picture not developed yet] for years I have waited for a windless solstice day , this year it happened .slphoto3.jpg (332077 bytes)At 8:30 there appears to be a shadow identical to the top of the mountain, then at 9:00pm the pyramid appears to be fully golden.
The elders call this mountain the sleeping lady.
sleeplpic.jpg (8657 bytes)

My observation is similar to a story written in 1962.
In the cave I found my self standing in front of the massive sunken statue of the mountain.with the water lapping at my feet , at 9 p.m. the image of a temple  appears in the pool. by 9:30 every thing returns back to normal.[see Robert graves ""A journey to paradise" ]
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