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Ancient Egyptian dugout blue prints

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If you click on the picture below and scroll around you will see blue prints for an ancient Egyptian barge used for transporting building stones. egypt3.jpg (148956 bytes)

These Egyptians were using adzes and chisels to build this ship. I have seen Indians building a dug out canoe and they were using the same tools.  egypt4.jpg (11928 bytes)The Egyptians must have been building a dug out. DUGOUTS IN AFRICA HAVE BEEN FOUND 6,000 YEARS OLD.

    The picture below shows the finished boat   and can see that this has to be a very strong ship. It has a huge block of stone sitting on its deck. In order to load the stone they would load it from the back so it was a barge. All you would need is a log, 50 feet long by approximately 10 feet thick, to make a barge like this. The forests of Lebanon were only about 500 miles from Egypt.

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For those of you who don't think trees don't grow that big, the tree to the left is the largest tree in the world ,ships_1.gif (18184 bytes) protected and still standing today.   Its 265 feet tall and 40.6 feet in diameter.

Their has been much discussion about how they got these huge blocks on the boats, This picture clears this up and may even give light about how they built the pyramids. You can see at the base of the mast there is men pulling on 3 or 4 ropes. These ropes go to the top of the mast then 8 ropes go to the block of stone.. Clearly they are using a block and tackle.

The Egyptians had large ships and obviously used them, after all they could build a pyramid and having  proper ships the world was there play ground, it makes me wonder were they got the quartzite at the top of the main pyramid.
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