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Chief Louie's Legend

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"The thunder bird caves can be approached by paddeling  through the kelp beds which lie off shore to a tiny littlessmt4.jpg (122365 bytes) harbour in which a landing can be made on a shelf of rock about a hundred yardes from the mouth if the cave . Entering an arched porttal into the glome of the cave there is a round pool of water some 12 feet from side to side . A mosaic of multi colored sea growth in shades of orange, yellow cerise red crimison lake and purple hue lines the sides below and above the level of the water, in the placid surface of which the colors are mirrored blending with the reflection of the olive greens ochres of the vaulted roof. What appears to be a miniture mountian range rose colered red is set in a dark heart shape frame of rock. mountian1.jpg (7619 bytes)it is placed on the wall at the end of the cave. Climb around the slippery sides of the pool and their is a second cave longer and deeper then the first one. A miniture mountian range rises  from the flour, perfect in every detail, serrated peaks, preciptious gorges and bold bluffs. Along the foot of the range lies a miniture lake. Through the second cave,gm5.jpg (135531 bytes) the setting sun of the summer solstice shines in the, in such a manner as to light the upper slopes and peaks of the diminutive mountian range, revealing rich tints of gold and giving the effects of a sunset scene."

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