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1navigation.jpg (6554 bytes)The Golden Mountain  

mountian1.jpg (7619 bytes)Welcome, this is a web page created to get support for the designation and protection of a religious site. When we think of religious sites, we think of Israel and the middle east. In reality, every culture in the world has had and has religious sites. The dome of the rock in Israel is a religious site and has a golden dome protecting it. goldnug.jpg (193513 bytes)Most  sites  have a common parallel. Gold.  Its  the stuff dreams are made of .
This mountain  on  Vancouver Island turns to gold on the setting summer solstice sun,  what makes it  special, is the cave's at its base. The dome of gold below  was used by the Indian shaman's speakers of America for thousands of years.gm5.jpg (135531 bytes) The people who dwelled on this mountain  claim  that "people from the dawn of time" worshipped the mountain  and created the two caves at its base . Then dedicated them to the golden mountain.
beachgold.jpg (40048 bytes)I was fortunate to visit these caves with an elder. Willy, who  knew their history  said it was here that the shamans would go to pray. His elder claim's that this golden dome is a replica of the golden mountain which also turns to gold on the solstice, and like most creeks on this coast, the mountain's creeks are full of placer gold,  Willy claims they would use gold in their prayers.

wcsun.JPG (6595 bytes)waltsf.jpg (47261 bytes)After I discovered this dome,
an elder showed me his gold and  told me that there is another dome at the southern end of the mountain and  it too turns to gold on the solstice. The second dome has petroglyphs carved on its surface and as the sun travels through the sky the shadows of the petroglyphs tell a story. There is even evidence suggesting that it was used as a smelter . Years ago a clovis spear point was found in the ashes of the cave  and the elders called it the old women's cave .
After visiting these caves with this old story teller and becoming good friends with him, we both agreed that these temples are dedicated to the mountain and created by the people from the beginning of time. We agree they  should be classified as a religious site and should be treated as such. The question I had for him but never asked him was "who were the people from the beginning of time"?
kennewick.sculpture.jpg (9914 bytes)
kennewick.jpg (12955 bytes)menf.jpg (6030 bytes)This odd looking fellow named Kennewick man  is 9,300 years old and gives the appearance of a Caucasoid. Found imbedded in the hip of Kennewick man was a Clovis spear point. This stone was used during the Clovis era to make the Clovis spear points which were used in eastern America and western Europe until 10,000 years ago.clovis.jpg (10795 bytes)

Although this man was found on the Columbia River and the cave is onwcman3.jpg (12924 bytes) Vancouver Island, they are connected in three ways:
kennewick.sculpture.jpg (9914 bytes)
1) Willy claimed that the people who created the caves were the people from the beginning of time and were different then the Indians .

petroglyph1.JPG (53444 bytes)ssmt4.jpg (11860 bytes)
2) The heart-shaped cave with a dome set in it  appears in a petroglyph on the Columbia River near were Mr. K man was found.

onyxqufeld.jpg (12839 bytes)3) The spear point found in his hip is a Clovis spear point.Many of  these points are made of felsite, and the mountain of gold has a felsite vein on it.clovis.jpg (10795 bytes)

The mountain has sacred bathing pools on its slopes. If you follow the creek south the gravel is a jagged quartzite.sacredpool.jpg (29980 bytes) Just before you hit the first creek were the placer gold starts, the felsite vein cuts across the creek like a gateway to the sacred pools.
clipviship.jpg (2904 bytes)This mountain  is in such a place that it is accessible to any ocean going ships, and most cultures in ancient times had ocean going ships.  It is a center point to the many placer deposits, which makes it a target to any sea-faring culture who had ocean going ships searching for placer gold.

willy.jpg (64801 bytes)This is the old story teller  Willy. Unfortunately, he is not resting in peace. He was a avid environmentalist and proved his commitment to the forest by being the only Indian to get arrested at Clayquot sound. Unfortunately I think  this made him an enemy of the holder of the forest license to the sacred mountain.

mend11.jpg (19572 bytes)He could not save the cypress forests around these sacred pools before he died and would be disgusted in our lack of respect for this sacred site.  wcmenf.jpg (14558 bytes)  This exact spot is duplicated in two sacred cave's . Even though I tried to get attention to it, I failed. I figured before we create roads across this face we should try understand its signifignence.

I think the link to the mountain,  the gold, and the solstice caves   is enough evidence to invistigate this lost paradise.
It's getting cleat cutt logged and is   a good example of our prejudice towards other cultures religious sites.
We could selectively log the remaining old growth and mine under ground. Un fortunately it aint happening.

If you want to learn more e-mail me @ subject "forest Facts"