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The People From The Beginning Of Time

I have been to these sacred places with an old Indian story teller , he told me that they where made by the people from the beginning of time. In 1911 an old Indian chief took a young lady, Pauline Johnson to this sacred place.
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Their reaction,
''Unique and so distinct from its surroundings as to suggest rather a handy craft of man then a whim of nature'' It looms up at the entrance to the narrows ,a symmetrical column of gray stone.'' ''I saw it first in the redly setting august sun, its colossal base of gray stone gleamed like flaming polished granite.''

Legends of Vancouver
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Pauline Johnson 1911

The legend continues. ''My old tillicum ( friend) lifted his paddle blade to point towards it .'' You know the story? ''he asked. For a time we paddled slowly:" The rack detached itself from its back ground of forest and shore, and it stood forth like a sentinel, erect enduring and eternal.'' Do you think it stands straight like a man?''he asked.'' yes like a noble spirited upright warrior ''I replied."

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It is a man'', and a warrior man to: a man who fought for everything that is noble and upright.'What do you regard as noble and upright chief?I asked . He said simply .'' clean fatherhood''.


mvc-001f.gif (60790 bytes) "It was thousands of years ago that a handsome young boy chief journeyed in his canoe to the upper coast for the shy little northern girl whom he brought home as his wife.''soon his wife was with a child, He brought her to the Sacred place to have her baby. The boy leapt into the water to swim for clean father hood, in his swim he met the great leaders boat and would not let the boat pass.The Sagalie Tyee said .''Because you have defied all thing that comes in your path we promise this to you .You have defied what interferes in your child's chance for a clean life,you have placed that child's future before all things and for this this the sagalie tyee commands us to make you ever a pattern for your tribe .You shall never die, but you shall stand through the thousands of years to come, where all eyes can see you. You shall live,live, live as an indestructible monument to cleangm4.jpg (8395 bytes) fatherhood. The four men lifted their paddles and the handsome young chief swam inshore. as his feet touched the line where sea and land met he was transformed into stone. Then the four men said, "His wife and child must ever be near him. They to where turned to stone. If you penetrate woods near the rock you will find a large rock and a smaller one beside it. Some day I'll show you the big rock.

mountian1.jpg (7619 bytes)He told me the legend that fewer Indians know today,It was not always there , that great rock. For it too was once a great tyee who ruled the mighty tract of waters.He would laugh and defy the sagarlie tyee. It was at thisaVC-011F.jpg (55845 bytes) time that the sagalie tyee in the persons of the four men came in the great canoe. It was all rock and dense forest and it provided shelter from the terrors of the west wind, he made this strip of land his last stand against the four men. As the bow touched the land the four men arose and they pleaded him to cease. wcfish1.jpg (4842 bytes)The four men cried, you have been to great a god for even the sagalie Tyee to obliterate you for ever ,but you shall live on ,live now to serve , not to hinder shall turn into stone where you now stand, and you shall rise only as men wish you to. Your life from this day shall be for the good of man. You shall stand through all the thousands of years upon thousands of years to come."
Pauline Johnson 1911

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This legend clearly says that thousands of years ago a man was turned to stone.
I don't know about you but I see a man set in stone on the walls of this cave.

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