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gmtemple.jpg (7965 bytes)1navigatlegends.jpg (3334 bytes)Maps of Atlantis                                     

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This old map has Eurasia, mapatl.jpg (1157212 bytes)North America and South America, but what’s interesting is, where the west coast of N.A. is supposed to be, there is another map imbedded in it, with Atlantis written trough it.
map4at.jpg (5783 bytes)

This map shows Atlantis west of America, the common thought is, it’s up side down with the south on top because Atlantis is supposed to be east of America.
mapat2.jpg (106021 bytes)
When they spoke of Atlantis before Columbus discovered America, America did not    exist. They would stand on the shores of Europe and point down in the ocean claming there was a lost continent called Atlantis beneath the waters. Where 10000 years ago, a mighty continent that was s ruled by a white race of people.  What they did not know was, they were pointing straight at America, a continent with more pyramids and written history then the rest of the world combined.  The spirit cave man was found in America and   is the oldest mummy in the world, nearly 10,000 years old. Evidence is now suggesting that there were white people in America spirit cave man and Kennewick man are just two of many.

This map is not of Atlantis, but shows an island east of Europe 1000 years ago. xvinlandmap.jpg (684893 bytes)

For more on the island of Vinland see my Viking page. If you click on the inverted island of Vinland below you will see it resembles Vancouver Island

The two maps above seem to indicate that Atlantis lies west of America and the Vinland map suggests Vinland is Vancouver Island. My thoughts are Vinland is the island of Atlantis and in fact, both islands are the island of Atlantis.  
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