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Welcom to my Forest Facts
I think we can all agree, we need "forests forever".

clipgarbage.gif (5253 bytes)The big question is "will we have forests forever"?
The question our children are asking is.
"Are we damaging the ecosystem beyond repair

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          Clear cutt logging?
wpe4.gif (211174 bytes)We place clearcutting in the same categories as Wild fires, Hurricanes, insect epidemics, and the ice age. According to the foristry deparptment all these incidents clear-cut the forest. 

The forest is a very controversial subject, but I am going to try tackle it and make sense of it. If you follow the links below you will learn what i realized over 15 years ago ,the forest is important to the survivel and health of the planet. I am hoping we can learn from the past so we can give our children a future.

 I have created this page for one reason, to ensure we have forests forever, and to bridge the
gap between the environmentalist and loggers . What I've done is present my theories and
concerns about the forest, in a web page, added pictures and diagrams to better tell my story.

Think of this web as something free and give it to a friend.  

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The Begining  -   The two reasons why people fight over the forest are, the  environment and economic benefits.

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Economic Benifits  - a Quote from forest minister Claude Richmond. "clear cutting not only resembles the ice age, but also insect epidemics, wildfires and hurricane's.

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clipunderc.gif (12475 bytes)The Ice Age - Around the time of Christ the forests began to be clear-cut for   the   Roman Empire.

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clipunderc.gif (12475 bytes)Environmentlists  On Vancouver Island there is a battle between environmentalists and loggers.

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