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the lost continent of MU   by James Churchward
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At the south end of the island there are from 80,to 100 stone houses, built in a regular line against a terries of rock or earth, which in some cases form the back of the building.

wcsealed.jpg (120580 bytes)The doorways are tiny affairs, not more then 20 inches  high and 19 inches wide .
the walls are formed by layers of irregular stones. wcface.jpg (1269 bytes)The later are often red white and black, showing birds  , faces and figures.

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Near the houses the rocks on the banks of the sea cliff are carved in strange menf.jpg (6032 bytes)shapes, resembling human faces,
tortesgm4.jpg (8395 bytes), birds, fishes, and mythical animals.wcpetrowhale.jpg (16981 bytes)

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