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The last spruce grove.
I say The Spanish were here in barkly sound looking for gold and legend says they found it.
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How much proof do you need.
If you know the coast you will see , drake sitting off the broken group islands , then you see him being towed past the military out post I found.  Edward king Isalnd, bamfield is in the back ground.
The well known windstob family, found musket balls and a flint lock in there garden, a long time ago.
This is significant.

It with all the other evidance means I was right   , the spanish where here.

the logging of was the knowing dessicration of a herritage site.

I have had this web site avalible, to the public for 10 years and  my e mail adress is there to find. yet I have never recieved a e mail.
I have the Spanish mine  waltsf.jpg(38213 bytes) and I feel, all the proof  I need to show, the Spanish where here in barkly sound,   is in the journal of a young cabin boy .

The young english  boy still sits  in  Willis solstice cave, but its threatened, the island it is on is part of the private land brasscan is logging .

The island where the musket balls and mine shafts are  is being logged now, actualy its almost finished.
beachgold.jpg(12317 bytes)The journal was written abroad sir Francis Drakes ship, 500 years ago and I believe Drakes bay is Pachena Bay.

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Pachena Bay
was the first BC   bay, ancient mariners hit after sailing up  the west coast, from south America.
A bay protected from the winds where the gold lies on the beach sands.
The forest behind it, is rich in culture and It's
[was] the last unprotected spruce grove on south Vancouver island.
Un fortunately, because of attitudes in our system , it will be logged within 6 months.
A 500 years old Spanish mining town and main ship yard is technically protected.
The heritage act protects any tree that was culturally modified before 1846.
A Site alteration permit  is needed. But I have been warned "there were no Spanish in barkly sound."

The proof of the spanish site turned out to be in the trees , the rings are revealing the truth.  second growth forest with old  growth atributes.

To get a feel for the area I speak of in my book is all within the picture I have below, this picture is taken from the blue dot, on the sat  .  
It is the location of ponce delone's  fountain of youth..

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I have lived in bamfield  over 30 years and have heard the stories of swards, gold coins and pirate parifinialia.
There was even 12 Spanish soldiers hidden in a cave near some Spanish mine pits.
Un fortunately the swards and armor was stolen now its a Indian burial cave.

dscf0060.jpg (1902 bytes)The problem is , our government archeology department states , if it is not supposed to be there. Its not there.
20 years I have been hearing this, you would think , when you elect a new government the people in charge would change. un fortunately  They and there principles stay the same.
With all the evidence around the area they still will not accept this area has been a destination for seafaring travelers.

I quote the protectors of heritage in Dec 1/2005. 

Paul, there's a basic principle from the philosophy of logic that the most simple, common or economical explanation that addresses a series of facts or observations is probably the correct explanation.  The principle is long-standing and is sometimes called "Occam's razor" (defined as the principle that the fewest possible assumptions are to be made in explaining a thing).   By way of example, there's a saying that "If you hear the sound of many hoof beats, your first thought (in this country) ought to be of horses - not zebras".      In your area, first think aboriginal people and hand loggers - not Spanish or Inca. 
James Pike
Project Officer
Archaeology Branch

Walt told me that he used to sit on the back end of a old ship in the pachena       beach sands AND  he claims it eventually sank in the sands. warren westwood found the tip of a Spanish sward, but It would be subject to ochums razor there for would be in a sense a fake.
He also found the spring, that M.B knowingly blew up ,when they were searching for the lost mine, on my mineral claim.
I believe Fredinand Magellan found it  in 1522 and  I believe he   was accompanied by  ponce de leon,  they found  the lost mine and the lookout/spring of lumeria.    A lost paradise known thriought the ancient worlds.
The city was shaped like a women, she over looked the sacred land and according to the legends of vancover was burned all that survived was fire weed.
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Johnny Hawkins JR's  cave, is the sacred shamans cave, wily sport spoke of. Guarded by the legend of black beard..

This famous expedition ended, when the Indians, accompanied by drake attacked the Spanish in pachena bay/bamfield.
I think the Spanish were not deterred that easy, Magellan's ship  made it back to Spain with stories about there discoveries. I believe they came back and made the Spanish town of Nova Albion . the evidence is here but because the archeologists do not believe it , it can not exist.
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drakesbay.JPG (31058 bytes) 500 years ago I quote .  Drake built a fort on the sand spit and careened the ship to the left of the spit."

Its simple Pachena bay is drakes bay , red circle is the location of Drakes  bay
the small yellow circle is The main harbor of Nova Albion. 

 I believe the area has been the victim of the knowing desecration of a heritage site for 20 years now but what can I do. I am just a prospector.

I think I should tell the public about the area in the green circle. as you can see it would be the spruce grove behind the town.
Not only is it rich in history , but its the last unprotected spruce grove on southern Vancouver islands.

map.gif (1450061 bytes)The spruce grove The Huu ah aht logging company is logging, is private land and  for the holder of tfl 44 .who have pretty much clear cut all the old growth forest near Bamfield.    

northamerica.jpg (816626 bytes)This forest of giants would be technically protected if it is nova albino.

It would be full of evidence and would be where they got there masts for their  ships.

I think  logging it would be the knowing desecration of a heritage site.

The picture of the golden dome is a solstice cave, the story teller claims it was created thousands of years ago by a sea faring culture. The legend claims it is a miniature of the mountain behind pachena bay. the problem is, acums razor kicks in and there  for it is not possible.
What if the cure for cancer leis on the soft slopes of this refugium, would it not be worth investigating .
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The area  will be  logged soon , the spruce trees over 10 feet wide, will have easy 10,000 board feet of lumber in them.
Go to Windsor plywood web site and look up Sitka spruce. what you will see is a picture of spruce wood and a price of $25 per board foot. A 10 foot diameter tree is worth $250,000 finished.

The reality is Not one piece of spruce will be processed in Canada, we are told its all going over sea's    because the price is to low.
All forest cover will be LOGGED using the traditional method of clear-cut/retention cut LOGGING. It will be a few months of employment for a small crew then it will be gone.  I quote the wharehouser
employee when he said  "Our next spruce supply will be the carmana"
To see picture of the trees and be able to actually witness the destruction of the last spruce grove, come back to this page. 
the first picture below is of the logging around the spruce grove from around 15 years ago.
It was a spruce grove situated on top of beach sands full of gold.
It  was colonized by the Spanish because it was a sacred land, and a rich gold mine.

For information about the grove call Stefan achman, bamfields regional district representative.

This summer students from the bamfield marine science center did a video on the grove.   As the grove is being logged by the natives, there seems to be know way of stopping it. 

\I have had a theory about ships from the past ,  I believe people who had access to giant trees used the dugout method when building a boat. to read my theory visit my mystery ships page @ follow link
As I said, the evidence is in the journal of sir Francis drakes cabin boy.

A quote from The journal, As documented by young John Hawkins, aboard sir Francis drakes ship 500 years ago and the pictures to prove it.
It takes place  in a bay, in Barclay sound..

He sits in the shamans main solstice cave and I believe the cure for many illnesses including cancer can be found in the medicines mans caves and in the plants of this lost paradise. the old Indian who told me about the cave, claimed there is a tiny white flower that is the cure for cataracts.
But after 20 years of trying to get the government to get off there asses and come explorer what I found it is futile, so I am going to make my finds public.

I did not make it fit the cave , the cave just fits the story, a story about pirates.
The legend of the bc pirates on skull island.
"from treasure island"
jim  Hawkins, the  son of Sir john hawkins,  cousin and captain of drakes other ship.
His son was the cabin boy for sir Francis drake.

williescave.jpg(324239 bytes)"And there upon we all entered the cave. It was a large, airy place, with a little spring and a pool of clear water, overhung with ferns.
The floor was sand.

Before a big fire lay the Captain


6bones.jpg(328616 bytes)Indeed, as we found when we also reached the spot, it was something very different.
a human skeleton lay, with a few shreds of
clothing, on the ground. I believe a chill struck for a moment to every heart.

'He was a seaman,' said George , who, bolder than the rest, had gone up close, and was examining the rags of clothing. 'Leastwise, this is good sea-cloth.'

'Ay, ay,'  'like enough; you wouldn't look to find a bishop here, I reckon. But what sort of a way is that for bones to lie? 'Tain't in natur'.' 0121.JPG

Indeed, on a second glance, it seemed impossible to fancy that the body was in a natural position. But for some disarray (the work, perhaps, of the birds that had fed upon him,  the man lay perfectly straight--his feet pointing in one direction, his hands, raised above his head like a diver's, pointing directly in the opposite.

'I've taken a notion into my old numskull,' observed Silve. 'Here's the compass; there's the tip-top pint o' Skeleton Island, stickin' out like a tooth. Just take a bearing will you, along the line of them bones.'


It was done. The body pointed straight in the direction of the island, and the compass read arms0321.jpg (246875 bytes)duly E.S.E. and by E.

'I thought so,' cried the cook; 'this here is alegs0301.jpg (245594 bytes) p'inter. Right up there is our line for the Pole Star and the jolly dollars. But, by thunder! if it don't make me cold inside to think of -----.

This is one of his jokes, and no mistake.

Him and these six was alone here; he killed em, every man; and this one he hauled here and laid down by compass, shiver my timbers! They're long bones, and the hair's been yellow. Ay, that would be Allardyce. '

0121.JPG (165184 bytes)'Ay, ay,' returned Morgan, 'I mind him; he owed me money, he did, and took my knife ashore with him.'

'Speaking of knives,' said another, 'why don't we find his'n lying round? He warn't the man to pick a seaman's pocket; and the birds, I guess, would leave it be.'

'By the powers, and that's true!'

'There aint a thing left here,' said Merry, still feeling round among the bones, 'not a copper doit nor a baccy box. It don't look nat'ral to me.' 0117.JPG (270023 bytes)

'No, by gum, it don't,'  'not nat'ral, nor not nice, says you. Great guns!
Six they were, and six are we; and bones is what they are now

The end

I believe the box is a old shipping crate made with square wooden dowels. The boy in the box will turn out to be young J Hawkins jr.        
Murdered by drake
and placed as a skull and cross bones in the crate  marking the medicen mans cave.

   Drakes bay1511.jpg(248079 bytes)

In the year 1522 a group of Spanish ships  sailed from the Philippians, connected the Japanese current , then just Followed it to Vancouver island. They would then pull into Pachena bay as it is the first land fall.

I believe the spanish  burned the grove 400 years ago and built a town, the town of nova albion.

burn.jpg (63478 bytes)

pachenasecondgrowth.jpg (144976 bytes)

crew.jpg (503611 bytes)
These students made a video about the grove, I call it the last video , why make more videos if its the last spruce grove.

Actaul what they did was invintory what was there , now if the show what is not there and show a diferance, see if the red frog i's habitata is gone they have a valid case under the indanger species act. the second growth porrves there was a violation against ythe herritasge act.
With this said,  I feel I have no choise but to file a complaint.

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The big cedar's have all  been burnt in side. I believe it was either  the natives when they warred with the Spanish, or the spanish clearing for a town, legend says they lit the forest on fire to burn evidance of the spanish.

It's just more imaginary evidence of the Spanish on the west coast.

springboard.jpg (468626 bytes)149.jpg (888611 bytes)

this forest is loaded in cmt's.  I say many  are from early explorers taking spruce trees  for tall ship Mast's.


The spring     worldmappojnce.GIF (217835 bytes)
Its the first of 2006 and  I figured  out  which Spanish found the spring, it was simple.
I type fountain and Spanish on google. then look for time periods which match either drake or Magellan.

Sure enough, In the year Magellan left Spain, another man left Porte Rico. Ponce Del Leon .
After being the first European to set foot on Florida in 1513.  He became the leader of porto rico  and  it was here he had learned of the legend of a sacred medicinal spring, of gold laden water ,north west. .  As he was working with magellin ALREADY  It makes sence  he and Magellan  had a pre determined location to meet up , probobly on the east coast of south America.  Then the ships sailed south to the straights of Magellan.
From there, they sailed to the Philippines LEARNED OF THE DIRECTION OF THE LAND THEY SOUGHT, mu
They sailed towards Hawaii with dreams of finding a paradice compareibly to
Bamfield   I figure they hit the Japanese current and road it to Vancouver island.

They stopped in the first bay Pachena bay where they set up a camp and a mine and found the spring.
after they where attacked by the Indians ,ferdinands ship sailed back to the Philippines then on to Spain.
Ponce de Leon sailed south , around south America and back to Porto Rico, were he died.
he pointed north west and claimed he found a fountain of medicinal waters.

Naturally acums razor placed the location in Florida because how could he get all the way to VI across america.

If you wish to see this paradise, e mail me @      make the subject "forest facts"