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Mystery of the Sleeping Lady

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Welcome to the sleeping lady home page.

The hereditary chief Louie Nookimus claimed the mountain in the distance is the sleeping lady. Even today this mountain remains nearly clear cut free still a virgin forest. Its A sacred mountain and the chief claimed there is bad medicine on that mountain. I have it  in my every day view and have lived across from it  since 1971.
Since 1985 I  have uncovered a unique history connected to it and the mountain across from it.

1navigation_temple.jpg (7969 bytes)In 1990 a young lady told me to Wright a book about my  theories about the forest and the historical sites of this amassing paradise I live in.. In 1995  the Gov.  set up a  computer access program with free web building tools in my towns local school. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn the computer  skills I needed to make a web site, then I could right the book  and put it on the internet and have the readers read it and criticize it as I right it.

The subject for my book is of course my theories about the historical sites of this amassing place  and the forest.
Think of this as the ultimate book format with Pictures  and Videos.

Just follow the links and if you are not computer savvy just press the underline sentences, it will take you to a new page.
Hit F11 on the key board and the page will be full screen.
When you finish the new page hit the
X and close it, you will be brought back to the main page.

vinmap1.jpg (1637 bytes)I will be blunt,  when I was 14, I was shown some gold. Then in   1985 I found a gold mine and became a  prospector, then in 1986  I found an archeological site thousands of years old . One that was of European origin, possibly Viking. I guess that is when I became a prospector/treasure hunter. 
yarder.jpg (16209 bytes)When I reported it to the proper authorities, and told them the area was being threatened by logging. Destroying the evidence of the  prospectors whose descendents still live in the small town and more importantly  the trails , the natives  used to get to the sacred pools on the mountains soft slopes. These pools lye amongst cypress trees and pine swamps over looking the vast pacific ocean and the historical sites I found and   It was not just a unique refugium but a religious site.
In 1992 The heritage branch laughed,  they told me they already new what the rock art I found represented and who made it. I claimed it was created by a older culture then the Indians. They said the art I found could not be made by a different race  8,000 bc because " Kennewick mans people" did not live on America at that time. Only Indians lived on America. They got so tired of me, around 1994 They gave me a letter stating , what I found " was fictitious association to what they call native rock art," ending the letter with , "I wish to end this by saying we agree to disagree." Then I feel from the inside,  the green light was given, the mountain became the victim of a new type of clear cutting "variable retention" roads deep in the forest to small cut bocks. Basically log the good wood, convince the public clear cutting has ended then after the next 5 year rotation, log the rest.     
Unfortunately this new variable retention / target logging was done in such a manner as to wipe out evidence of the Indians and evidence of my  prospecting. I said in 1994 what they are doing is hiding, then when the environmental movement is crushed they will log between these small clear cuts to see the comparisons follow this link.

menf.jpg (6032 bytes)kennewick.sculpture.jpg (9914 bytes)Since the controversy with the
Kennewick man, the theories that there were white people living on north America since the last ice age and maybe even beyond , some how seem more believable .
What I want to find out was who are the people in the painting .

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claims "they are the people from the beginning of time ", the cave with a heart and this one were created by them."

To see the mountain of gold follow the link below
note, The cave in the back ground is ravens cave, as you can see he guards the entrance.

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The old elder Wily claimed this cave was made by a bearded man, from the beginning of time and says "it will be a great day when the story is told".

I think its safe to say the smelter the chief is standing in was created by king Solomon thousands of years ago.
gm8.jpg (7260 bytes)If you are interested in lost gold,  hidden treasure, ancient civilizations, the forest, logging ,the controversy and conspiracies between them all, or just want a good read, this is the web/book for you.

You can watch the never seen Video footage of the last real shaman as he visits these sites before his passing. You will also watch my documented eariler adventures as we uncover the mystery behind this lost place.

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If you read my web, I'll show you pictures of the things that only legends are made from, things from an ancient paradise comparable to Atlantis or Mu. I'll also show evidence, that this place was found by Vikings, Spanish and other ancient explorers.
To get your attention we are going to start with the gold, there is one thing people do not realize. If you have a boat the size of this Viking ship you could travel the world prospecting the creeks where they hit the ocean looking for the lost gold. SHIP8F.JPG (4053 bytes)
With this boat you could do it today or  any time in between today and  60,000 years ago when the first ships landed on the shores of Australia.
If "man" was on vancouver Island back then, he could and would build a dugout capable of crossing the pacific. Even if the Scientific community  claims it is not possible in the year 60,000 bc. "after all man was just a cave man back then".

wpe5B.jpg (9133 bytes)To begin my story press  the Viking ship.>

If you want to read my minning

web first follow the gold link.
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