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Trees For sale
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To get a better understanding of what i’m selling here. You must first read [The Forest] There is a ton of tree nursuries that grow the supper trees, fast growing trees that give you course rings, resulting in very poor quality wood. If you want to grow a tight grein tree you will want to buy my seedlings. They will grow tight grein wood if planted in the proper environment. If you have a second growth forest all you need is to thin it out and plant my little old growth seedlings, and you will have an lold growth forest . 8 years ago I planted one in a pot and brought it in side I t still flurishes today. I selectivly logged the old growth forest for over 15 years and have been stepping on this over surplus of baby trees, so I figure why not sell them and promote the protection and rebuilding of our old growth forest’s. You can do your part by one and plant it.