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My old friend, Walter, passed away many years ago. Before he died he showed me a piece of quartz with a solid chunk of gold in it, about a one ounce chunk. When I asked his wife to look at it, all she could find was the silver. Under a microscope the silver turned out to be gold, silver, and garnet .We are still looking for the gold pieces. He told me the story his father told him over 70 years ago. " My father and his walts4f.jpg (51076 bytes)partner pocketed these pieces of oar they hacked from the mine wall. " The pick marks are clearly visible on the lower piece. He said that" when they left the mine his partner slipped a gold brick into Walter's father's pack".

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Walter told me to go search for the old Russian mine. He gave me the directions and told me where to go. Simple, after 1 month of searching we found it . This slide is all that blocked us from a less rich vein.

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The Russian Mine
hoskins1.jpg (4073 bytes)                                     The legend
"A foot wide vein of quartz with paper thin, dollar size nuggets of gold running through out it.They opened the mine before the war. When they returned they found the vein covered by a slide they were unable to open the mine back up"

I've recently asked Zena about her father's gold, her reply was " their is no gold, all he found was the large pieces of quartz with veins of gold running through them "he had them sitting on the window sill, till someone stole them years ago.

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