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naaa.jpg (437432 bytes)Americas lost paradise       
upsidedown.jpg(14532 bytes)The Americas are full of amazing archeological mysteries, from the faces of Christ, to the cave of Egyptian faces.
There is pyramids and stories of lost empires and lost mines.
  I live on Vancouver island and I have FOUND one of these lost empires. What's amazing is,  different people   have found it befor me and tried to colonize it, they left scads of proof .
waltsf.jpg(53591 bytes)Because of its location , this paradise  [google/Bamfield] is accessible to any seafaring culture from our past and there is one thing that has brought all  hear ,
Gold the stuff dreams are made of.
Evidance of history takes proof, here in canada you are   not encouraged    to find proof, Its actualy quite frounded on and when you find it , it's shruged off , end of story.

The bamfield marine science center is built on the most stretegic location.
I believe the spanishg chose this place for a fort and main harbour. cannon.JPG (14481 bytes)Over a year ago Richard Zote was digging a hole. He pounded on a metail object.
He pulled out this Bomb.
Is it proof ,or  will it just get  shrugged off.

 I believe, the proof is here, for what I found. In 1522 sir FIRDANAD MAGELLAN  met ponce Del Leon off of the east coast of south America. From there they sailed to the south pacific, till they hit the Philippians.  It was there, they where showed the direction to this lost paradise, north east.  The adventurers sailed to the Japanese current and road it back to America. Where  they turned into the first bay they hit and saw the gold flecks lying on the sand.
They set up camp in this Bay and began to explore for the gold , with the help of the natives they found it.
High up on the hill behind the bay  they found a amazing site , a artesian spring of medicinal water. Bubbling from a look out on to of a gold bearing quartz vein. As you can see the view is spectacular.  viewfromspring.jpg (10572 bytes)
According to local legends, the Indians all joined together and attacked the Spanish, after the slaughter, one ship made it across the ocean back to Spain and the other made it back to port Rico. both had stories and the location of this lost mine and spring . 
Some time LATER the Spanish headed back with the Spanish armada to take back the mines from the Indians and claim the land for Spain. WHEN THEY GOT BACK  what they found was all the towns  burned  burned and abandoned.

They set up the mine's and the town of nova albino.drakesmaps.jpg (29575 bytes)The indians where gone and  all was going well .   The location was kept a secret, till Drake and Hawkins found the town of nova albion.
They planed there attack, with the 5 ships they had,  first drake was towed by the Indians, past the Spanish post,  which guarded the sites.
He hid his ship in a fiord, then joined the Indians who where hidden up the sarita river. They traveled overland to the mines where they attacked the spanish. The other ships came in the sound and the battle was on.
When all was over, drake and the Indians where all that survived.  
Drake set up a mishinary and began the task of gathering his men, rest there soles.. He took each  man's bones and placed it in the lookout  spots on each island, the Fire caves of Magellan..
He took out two leg bones  and placed them , one with the north star and the other, due   east/west.,  in each cave beside the boxes.
Drake documented his adventure and sent it all back to England.
The michinarys where eventually given hemlock tea and died, so the story goes. .

Its clear to me when Robert Louis Stevenson exposed the journal of sir john Hawkins son, he knew where young Johnny Hawkins  ' lost coffin is.  He knew where this paradise was and sailed his boat to bamfield, where this picture was taken of him. 
He never found it, because it's one  un protected cave , among  literally    over 10 ,000 caves that litter this shore line. I found It because I found the Spanish first, then I found the boy in the box.
The boy still sits in a old shipping crate, his skull looks east and his leg bones are crossed. the way he was placed over 400 years ago.
He is the real skull and cross bones.
robertlewisship.jpg (396836 bytes)Occums razor states , the boy is native because Hawkins was a myth and there where no white people in barkly sound before 1849.   even today, with all the Spanish stuff found, the Indians and government denies the Spanish set foot on the land in the sound, and claim all human remains are Indian , end of story.
He drew maps and I believe  his most famous and controversial map was the Vinland map, basically a map of Vancouver island. he did this foe a reason.
1000 years ago a band of Vikings found a island on the 49 Th parallel, they found giant trees , salmon and a place where  the seasons where mild and each just flowed in to the next.He knew he had found the lost Viking kingdom and drew the vinland.
this place is truly amazing as there in no poisonous creatures either in the ocean or the land. even the creatures live at peace whit man.

As drake cleaely figured out, the Vikings also came here . I believe  even Ibn Fadlahan  came her with the Vikings, I see evidance  he even went to the solstice cave and attacked it with the Vikings. vanislandf.gif (5646 bytes)vinmap1.jpg (1637 bytes)
"Michael chriton -- the thunder caves"
With an estimated value of 23 million dollars, the Vinland Map is one of the most controversial maps in the world. Half the scientists say Vinland exists because its Newfoundland ,the other half says it doesn't exist because its not Newfoundland. My only comment is that Vinland is exactly where it is and you wont find it anywhere else in the world. By using this map and Lief Eriksons directions we should be able to find Vinland .
We know the world is round so in order to draw north America we must flip the map over , Reversing Vinland. Liefs first encounter was when he set sail to Greenland a place he had not visited he was blown of course during a north wind when he came upon an island [A] , then he sailed north till he hit a wooded land,[B] he continued even further north he found a large ice capped Island.[C] From here he sailed east to Greenland ,Where his father was waiting[D] he later made plans to return. Lief's directions are simple ,he states that        '' They left the southern part of Greenland,[D] and sailed in a northerly direction till they hit a large island[E]They then  went up and looked about in fine weather. Then they sailed through the sound which lay between that island and the cape which projects northward [F], Then they sailed west ward around the cape [G] to helland  on the 62nd parallel .[H] From there they sailed south east to Markland  [I] on the 58 parallel. An Island lay to the south [J] From there they sailed southeast to Vinland[K].
ssdoug.jpg(250695 bytes)An island on the 49th parallel ,where they found  
  trees as big as houses ,salmon larger then any thing they had ever seen. On this island a berry droops of a vein and makes the best wine.
A place so mild ,no snow covers the ground during the winter and it's a 3 month voyage from Greenland . They clearly came to Barkly sound in search of the lost viking empire.       So now we have two seafaring cultures who came here, Why?     They came here in search of a lost paradise, and yes,  there was another culture who came here, that according to recent archeological evidance was displaced from here 1300 years ago. they used quatrtz in the tools and some even parallel the clovis.

They created the solstice caves , caves that illuminate on the solstice sun, they create the lost human faces of lumeria in these caves ,  cave  art   done through  the art of illusion.
solsticefaces.jpg (109053 bytes)Could this be the   face of the original Christ.
The last shaman told me in the cave , the art was done by a past culture, a bearded man created the art, through the art of elusion. He asked me if I found the other cave, with the boy in the box.  I had not found it till many years after his passing.
These faces are of the family who created the art and Willie said its only the future family, who will be able to find it and make sense of it.

To get a better feel for these people just follow the image of the solstice cave, the heart.

Bruce Scott, the legend of Koa swilth.mountian1.jpg (4716 bytes)
"What appears to be a miniature mountain range rose collared red is set in a dark heart shape frame of rock. it is placed on the wall at the end of thessdoug.jpg(72089 bytes) cave. Climb around the slippery sides of the pool and their is a second cave longer and deeper then the first one. A miniature mountain range rises  from the flour, perfect in every detail, serrated peaks, precipitous gorges and bold bluffs. Along the foot of the range lies a miniature lake. Through the second cave, the setting sun of the summer solstice shines in the, in such a manner as to light the upper slopes and peaks of the diminutive mountain range, revealing rich tints of gold and giving the effects of a sunset scene."

hearts11.jpg(11128 bytes)This petroglyph of the cave comes from the Columbia river, the same place Kennewik Man comes from.
kennewick.sculpture.jpg (9914 bytes)  I see a connection to the Kennewick man, the 9'300 Caucasoid looking skeleton, that was found in Kennewick Washington. Its obvious the cave was done before the petroglyph and connected to KM. this means the culture who was here before the Indians was here nearly 10000 years ago, they left the clovis type tools found in the broken group digs. Even the old story teller told me , the art was done at the dawn of time, by a different culture and looking at the self portrait of them above, they where clearly Caucasoid.
          what more can I say
                 Paul deMontigny MAY 5/06